About the Book


Daisy and the Dirty Dozen

Written and Illustrated by Brian Wallace

Edited by Jessica Wallace



Published by Newport Press


Daisy and the Dirty Dozen is a children's book written and illustrated by Brian Wallace and edited by Jessica Wallace.

The book is about a suburban family (The Wallaces) that is visited by a female mallard duck. The duck stops by on occasion to swim in the family swimming pool. Over time, the visits become more frequent and "Daisy" seems very comfortable in the family's swimming pool. Mr. Wallace suspects that Daisy may have a nest in the yard and is concerned about the mess that a family of ducks might make.

Attempts to shoo away Daisy are fruitless and it becomes clear Daisy is protecting a nest and her eggs.

Mr. Wallace prepares for the arrival of the ducklings and withing a few days, a dozen ducklings emerge.

The book follows the adventures of Daisy and the Dirty Dozen and their 2 week stay in the Wallace family swimming pool.

The book offers an up-close look at a mother's care for her young, the responsible treatment of wildlife, and the complexities (and joys) of sharing your backyard with a family of ducks.

Daisy and the Dirty Dozen is out now!

Reviews & Advance Praise for Daisy and the Dirty Dozen

Nature makes its way into the suburbs and a local family learns more about their fellow inhabitants in this charming story of a duck family who made an unlikely home in a family pool. In a town surrounded by small ponds, a river and two lakes, the lifecycle of our migrant mallards is often scarcely understood.  

This family learned about the habits of a nesting mother duck, the growth and adaptation of her brood, the value of accepting a change in everyday routines, and alterations in backyard maintenance to allow the duck family to thrive.

Barbara Leary, Executive Committee Chair (Sierra Club, Sacramento Group)



Daisy and the Dirty Dozen is a very engaging story that children can relate to.  I love the warmth that the Wallace family shows toward each other and towards their new duck family.  The writing and illustrations allow you to share the experience.  I really enjoyed this story, and I think others will, too.

Jean Ferrario, Second Grade Teacher 

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